Zeiss is a name best known for its camera lenses, but the company also has entertainment in mind with the Cinemizer OLED wearable display. A chunk set of over sized video glasses, where Google’s Glass takes the approach of augmenting the real world with digital tidbits, the Cinemizer blocks out the real world and allows you to replace it with 2D/3D video and motion-tracking games.

Video glasses aren’t new, though they’ve traditionally been oversized and clunky in their design. Zeiss takes a more streamlined approach: if it wasn’t for the blank white expanse where lenses might normally be found, you could mistake the Cinemizer for sunglasses when viewed head-on. Their depth gives the game away from any other angle, though, with large rubber eyepieces fixed to a thick display assembly.


Overall, the Cinemizer headset tips the scales at 120g, with the battery box adding another 60g to that, and the HDMI adapter a further 30g. However, since part of the weight of the video glasses themselves is supported by your ears, Zeiss quotes around 75g of weight on your nose specifically.

The sub-HD resolution means you’ll get better video performance from your regular TV, and the supplied ear-buds aren’t exactly audiophile-standard. They lack bass, and the trebles don’t have the sparkle that rivals offer. Zeiss’ use of OLED means that the colors and contrast are at least impressively rich – though there’s a purple shadowing in paler areas of the display – and the rubber eyepiece keeps out most extraneous light. Zeiss suggests you’ll get the equivalent of a 40-inch TV viewed from 2m away, and there’s 3D support that looks clear and has minimal crosstalk.

As wearable video displays go, the Cinemizer is probably the best I’ve seen, but I  left unconvinced that the segment is mature enough to warrant the expense.