Look ahead for windows of open time. Take five minutes in the morning to look at your day. You may have pockets of time that you’ll be spending waiting for an airplane or appointment, commuting, or in some other holding pattern. Whether you have five minutes or two hours, you can find something worthwhile to fill your time.By planning ahead to maximize that time, you can fit more into those “wasted” minutes and hours.

The key to being effective when you have pockets of time is to be well-prepared. Know what needs to be done and the task’s priority, and be sure you have the resources at hand to complete the task. Using mobile devices and cloud-based apps allows you to access the data, applications and documents you need, wherever you are.

Consider the opportunity cost of saying “yes.” Before you accept any commitment, takes a moment to think about what you’ll be giving up in doing so.

You must make sure that you’re spending your time on the things that are truly most important and not get caught up in saying ‘yes’ every time you’re asked to do something.Make lists it as a form of goal-setting. Even when you have just an hour,  takes a moment to make a list of the things you want to accomplish during that time. This helps prioritize tasks and also adds a sense of urgency so you don’t get bogged down in doing just one thing.

Reward yourself. One of the reasons people lose their enthusiasm for being efficient and productive is that it can feel like a relentless grind – there’s always more to do. So, it’s important to reward yourself for sticking with it.

Delegate. It’s tough to do and entrepreneurs often think it’s easier to do everything themselves, there is  importance of training your employees to handle more and more responsibility. You simply can’t do it all yourself.

If you’re not delegating everything you can that is not the best and highest use of your time, you’re actually costing your company money.